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Smart Parking

The country's big cities are facing great difficulties in the development of parking spaces in both public and private areas. Allocated parking areas are undermined by commercial centres and new buildings constructed in recent years.

Therefore, in order to solve the problem of parking in central areas with high traffic and the residential areas and to relieve the congested streets and sidewalks, we launched Smart Parking products.

Ideal parking solution

Smart Parking is an intelligent vertical parking system which does not affect in any way the environment. The system is quiet and consists of a circular elevator with access code customized for each user. Thus, on the footprint of the two cars we can park vertically 12 cars. Cars are also protected from the weather, dust and corrosive factors.

Product Specification

Grand Sys

Grand parking (also called card or coach system) is a multi-floor parking that is implemented under surface. It has simple and comfortable access. Vehicles are entered on ground floor. Then the vehicles are lifted to the specified floor and are moved on a cart. This system is the best choice for large buildings, especially office or commercial ones. This system can service many vehicles in a short time.


Rotary System

This system is produced in two models: for cars (SU SEDAN) and for land cruisers (SUV). Vehicles enter or exit on the ground floor. There is a user-friendly control panel, which is similar to the panels in lifts. There is a number on the palette that is seen on the panel. Pressing the number on the control panel, the vehicle is directed toward the exit door automatically


Tower sys

In this system, vehicle is entered on the ground floor and is lifted to the higher floors. On the specified floor, the palette is inserted and the vehicle is returned to the ground floor. Then the vehicle is turned on a turn table and is delivered. In tower systems, any kind of vehicles can be parked.


Double Sys

In this system, a palette is placed on the ground floor. A vehicle is placed on the palette and is lifted a little by pressing a button. Then another vehicle is placed under the first one. On exit, at first the lower vehicle exits, then the upper one exits; otherwise, is not permissible


TurnTable Sys

This system is an auxiliary device to use space optimally. This system is suitable for places without enough turning space.


*Product details subject to change or modified at AnyTime .